Top Shelf


Welcome to the top sports bar in Tampa, Florida!

Welcome to Top Shelf Sports Lounge, where culinary craftsmanship meets the thrill of sports. Our kitchen is a realm of creativity, crafting delectable dishes from fresh ingredients that we source daily. Elevating the bar food experience to unparalleled heights, we proudly serve the finest wings in Tampa Bay and pay homage to local favorites like the iconic Cuban Sandwich and the innovative Ybor Egg Rolls. Prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing journey like no other!

Emerging onto the scene in 2017, Top Shelf Sports Lounge was born as the culinary companion to AdventHealth Center Ice, the largest Southeast's premier ice facility. Today, we are excited to announce our expansion into the vibrant heart of sports fervor, Downtown Tampa. Nestled within the prestigious Truist Building at 401 East Jackson St., our upcoming 4,700 sqft establishment is set to become the epicenter of sports excitement and gastronomic delight.

Meet the visionaries behind this extraordinary concept - Joe Boyd and Keelan Cottle, both proud Tampa Natives. Fueled by their shared passions for sports, exceptional cuisine, and the finer aspects of beverages, they've meticulously crafted a haven where these elements converge.

"As Co-Owner of Top Shelf Sports Lounge, I can't contain my enthusiasm for introducing our dynamic concept to the thriving downtown of our beloved hometown. The vibrant pulse of this location perfectly aligns with the exhilarating and energetic atmosphere we aim to curate," says Keelan Cottle.

At Top Shelf Sports Lounge, we invite you to be part of an experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you're a sports aficionado, a culinary enthusiast, or simply seeking a memorable time, our doors are wide open, ready to welcome you into a realm where sports, flavors, and camaraderie intertwine in perfect harmony.